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Ali Cavanaugh - Artist


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Working with watercolour can be a very fluid experience, with bleed and transparency being a feature. It can also be unforgiving as mistakes are difficult to cover-up, and the medium dries out quickly. Ali Cavanaugh takes the medium a step further, and paints onto a kind of clay board. This gives a very stable surface and allows multi-layers and stronger colours, similar to fresco murals that use lime plaster as the surface material.

Cavanaugh's work is mainly figurative, and often personal in terms of her subjects. She captures moments and emotions that are full of life, with a realism that integrates the flow and form of the watercolour medium. The results are captivating, and her original work has been exhibited and published as prints and in book form, with numerous editorials and magazine features. Original paintings are for sale in the online store, along with signed prints.

Cavanaugh is open about her work and offers commissions, workshops and mentoring as a part of her overall artistic profile. She also runs the ALiGATOR Watercolor Community through a Patreon account. A subscription gives access to tutorials, behind the scenes information, watercolour challenges and various community aspects depending on your access level.