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Album: Starburst Finish released 1976

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Album: Sunburst Finish released 1976

Be Bop Deluxe were a group of talented musicians driven by songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Bill Nelson from 1972 until 1978. The 1976 release Sunburst Finish was the third studio album from the band. Production was steered by John Leckie and the album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Sunburst Finish is a progression from the previous two releases (Axe Victim 1974 and Futurama 1975) and continues the inventive song writing and heart-felt performances. The musical style incorporates a touch of fantasy and musical juxtaposition which takes it away from being straight-forward rock, and includes some of the best lead guitar work you are likely to hear, particularly on the tracks Crying To The Sky and the track Heavenly Homes, which effortlessly leads into the single release Ships In The Night.

After the project ended in 1978, Bill Nelson moved on in a more modern style with Bill Nelson's Red Noise and he continues to write and perform today. The latest solo releases can be found on the official Bill Nelson website.

Cover Story

Be Bop Deluxe Sunburst Finish album coverJohnny Thornton was the photographer for this cover shoot. The model is thought to be Nicky Howarth Dwek and the set makes use of acrylic tubes that were used for a live show. A print similar to the front cover shot can be ordered from the John Thornton site.

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