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Burning Eye Books

Independent publishing company

Video Shared By poet : Josie Alford (tap link for more)

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The market for poetry generally is a small one, and not well supported by the more mainstream publishers. Burning Eye Books on the other hand, are open to works from a diverse and inclusive range of poets, and judge works on their creative merit rather than any mainstream commercial value, although spoken word poets are targeted specifically because of the performance aspect. Tours and performance means there's an audience, which gives an opportunity for merchandising and sales of published works.

Burning Eye encourages the more unusual and independent poets, and act as a filter for the readers by selecting and publishing writers that have a certain level of experience, and are within standards that consider where the boundaries lay in terms of subject matter, and the more extreme ideas.

Rather than review submissions, Burning Eye Books often directly selects who to publish. They offer support and advice covering the publishing process, and provide the means to distribute works and generate income directly for authors. Books can also be bought directly from an online catalogue.

Burning Eye Books are an example of how creative artists and an eye for good selection, can combine and stand because of the standard of content alone. This is an important outlet and allows readers to discover or follow alternative, and sometimes more edgy, spoken word works because they are recognized and published, rather than existing only as physically articulated performances. Without Burning Eye Books, the idea of being mentored and published is a much smaller prospect for artists in the genre.