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Which Book

Book Selection Resource offers a great way to find books and authors based on personal preferences...

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Unbound Books

Crowd-funded Publishing Platform

Places publishing firmly in the hands of the reader. Acting as project initiator, Unbound selects authors from a submission process...

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Burning Eye Books

Independent Publishing Company

Open to works from a diverse and inclusive range of poets which are judged on creative merit rather than commercial value...

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Paradise Road

Independent Publisher

Stories from the creative, unusual and musical side of historical London...

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The creativity of writing, and the private world of reading, both involve inner imagination and immersion in personal trains of thought. A 'good read' can provide periods of escape and useful knowledge, or takes you on a journey that gives another perspective on life.

Unlike the more direct media of music and film, finding that 'good read' can take time and effort, especially if you're not so familiar with authors. Although oral performance and audio books do offer a listener experience, the only way to know if a piece of written work is for you, is to read it.

A real library or book shop, or an online search for ebooks and publishers is a good place to start, along with following reviews and references; or there's the YouTube community BookTube if you like a more social media style environment.

If a story or subject keeps the pages turning, you've succeeded in finding a writer you can relate to. Once you've found an author or genre you like, it becomes easier to discover similar works and other aspects of the literary world, especially with the connective advantage the internet brings. Independent publishers tend to offer a more select range of writers and authors, and links to some of them are found here.

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