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Karl Hyde

Musician : Artist : Writer

Karl Hyde left the more formulaic side of the music business behind as he progressed into electronic music as an original founder of Underworld in the late eighties...

Image by Tore Sætre (Own work) CC BY 4.0

Heinz Emigholz

Filmmaker : Actor : Artist : Writer : Producer

Encapsulates much of the ethos of Berlin in a creative sense, and he adds his own influence with aspects of philosophy, illustration, literature and film...

Image by Timothy Vollmer CC BY 4.0

Ali Cavanaugh


Moments and emotions that are full of life, with a realism that integrates the flow and form of the watercolour medium...

Image © Ali Cavanaugh

Clara Lieu

Artist : Professor

Known for works featuring emotion and movement. Tearing, drawing, sculpting, print, and work on different surfaces are all elements of her art...

Image © Clara Lieu

Sorcha Bridge


A commercial photographer who has used her technical knowledge to take photography into another dimension...

Image © Sorcha Bridge

John Cooper Clarke


Labeled as a punk poet during the UK punk era, his work often features the environments and situations of a darker everyday life...

Image by TimDuncan (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0


The Arts

The Arts is a broad term covering creative genres that are expressed with the aim of sharing and performing, or providing stimulating environments for others.

It can sometimes be off-putting to be confronted with creative worlds that sometimes seem elitist or exclusive. What is art? for example, is a question often asked. There may be long and drawn out debates and critiques that romp around obscure houses, but in the end it's simple. A picture, performance, or object that somehow connects with your own personal emotions, is the real thing. It moves you, or triggers inner thoughts that are personal.

The viewer doesn't always know why something abstract or less relatable to the everyday world appeals. This doesn't really matter. It's possible to just like something.

How you connect to these elements is about how open you are. Understanding of the process, intent, and history behind some creative ideas can take you on a deeper journey, or you can happily stand on the edges, and enjoy things as you see them.

In other ways, an interest in the arts can be an inspiration, and act as encouragement to try something creative yourself, or presents a starting point that explores the more creative side of your own thoughts and feelings.

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