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Go Faster Stripe - Comedians

Independent film production and distribution company

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Comedians with material seen as not suitable for public broadcast, or with lower commercial appeal because of a narrower audience, are often left to fend for themselves. Unless you visit comedy clubs or festivals, comedy away from the usual mainstream side of things, can be more difficult to find.

Go Faster Stripe aims to put this right, and supports comedians because of what they create, rather than potential commercial value, or perceived genre.

Go Faster Stripe gives strength in numbers, and provides an outlet for the more independent comedians. The original founder is businessman and comedy fan, Chris Evans, and support comes in the form of recorded stand-up shows, which are then transferred to saleable media to generate revenue and exposure for the artists (DVDs or downloads for example). This relationship is more personal than the usual artist/distributor one, in that material is released as the performer intended, without third-party censorship or editing.

Go Faster Stripe offers the best direct-2-fan experience for fans of independent comedy. You can discover new artists, or follow your favourite comedians, and become a part of their progression by purchasing official material directly. This adds more personal value, and brings you much closer to the artists themselves. Rather than watching disjointed clips on public video sharing platforms that may, or may not be official, you get full shows in the correct context, with all the latest news and additions.