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Heinz Emigholz - Filmmaker

Filmmaker, actor, artist, writer and producer

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Berlin has long been a creative hub for architecture, industrial design, and experimental sound and film. It's a place where creativity often marches forward into new territory with the avant-garde striding out in front.

The work of Heinz Emigholz encapsulates much of the ethos of Berlin in a creative sense, and he adds his own influence with aspects of philosophy, illustration, literature and film.

Emigholz has produced experimental film and artworks since the early seventies. His working methods include the amassing of collected writings, text, imagery and snippets of life which are then collated and combined into a whole. An example of his art and working method includes The Basis of Make-up, a series of positive/negative black and white illustrations that were created over a period of many years (1974-2019). Film works tend to feature abstract elements, urban environments, landscapes, and architectural aspects, and include a film version of The Basis of Make-up with notebook content and various media.

Emigholz also has musical connections, primarily with Kreidler, a German electronic music project producing soundscapes that echo and complement Emigholz's abstract style. Artwork from The Basis of Make-up feature on Kreidler's 2022 album, Spells and Daubs. This creative association is reciprocated, with instrumental soundtracks composed by Kreidler featuring in some of Emigholz's films.

The website runs under the name PYM which represents his production company and features a vast array of articles and projects. The store offers DVD packages and single film titles including Emigholz's architectural, experimental and feature films, which are available to buy, rent or stream.