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Karl Hyde - Musician : Artist : Writer

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After starting out as a guitarist and vocalist, Karl Hyde left the more formulaic side of the music business behind as he progressed into electronic music as an original founder of Underworld in the late eighties, which developed into a unique project that has continued on since the early nineties. He also released an independent music project with Leo Abrahams under the title Edgeland in 2013, and has been involved in several experimental music and arts collaborations over the years.

Hyde has a distinctive approach to writing which he applies to various projects. Open ideas, connections and stories evolve through beats, rhythms, guitar, vocals, spoken-word and sampled voice fragments, often accompanied by typography and visuals that are just as abstract.

Themes include aspects of Romford (Essex), night-time trains, intense awareness of urban environments, observations of decay, distant thoughts, repetition and reflection, and those occurrences in everyday life when things connect and time-stamp those non-specific, yet memorable moments.

Hyde and Underworld partner, Rick Smith, are also involved in a more commercial design and film venture, Tomato, which is a design collective. The collective represents brands, installations and presentations of art in creative ways, including visual media for Underworld shows.

Hyde writes regular online pieces as a kind of diary featuring photography, found images, written ideas and poetry. Past entries were collated and published as I Am Dogboy (2016), a book designed by John Warwicker (also of Tomato).

Hyde occasionally exhibits art and visual experiences, and the Underworld online store features music released on vinyl and CD. More details about the book I Am Dogboy, and other publications can also be found on the site.