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Phonica Records

51 Poland Street W1

Phonica has been in the Soho area since the early two-thousands, and specializes in electronic and dance music. And it shows. The store carries a vast range of releases that are both new and second-hand on vinyl and CD.

If you're a dance or electronic music fan or a collector, the range of genres and available titles is astounding. A store visit is a must for any DJ, or for those looking for the more elusive dance releases. Limited editions, and special pressings can be found within a catalogue of world-wide artists.

Discovery at Phonica

The range of music may be daunting if you are not so familiar with the dance and electronic music genre, but this should not deter you from visiting the high street store. Staff can recommend artists and genres that are a good introduction to dance music generally, and there are in-store displays featuring the latest and most popular releases to help you along. Discovery is a big part of browsing through music collections, and the store offers decks and headphones so you can listen to anything that's recommended, or you might like the look of.

Online Store

The online store features a full range of stock including new releases, pre-orders and a second-hand section. To help with discovery online, some releases listed on the store website feature short sample tracks. These can be saved and replayed as playlists as you browse. There's also a bestseller list, and staff and DJs have created charts featuring their current choice of artists. The Phonica Records YouTube channel is also a good source for discovering new artists.

There's more...

Although Phonica specializes, it's not only about dance music. There's jazz, reggae, rock, indie, soul, and funk, along with pressings directly from Phonica Records, which issues releases under an independent label.

The store and label are associated with The Vinyl Factory which is an independent group that has a big hand in the production and distribution of independent music on vinyl. The group runs a vinyl pressing plant, a rarity these days, and crucial in a world where vinyl demand is increasing, and the plants to press new and re-releases are declining in number.

Store Events

As with most independent record stores, Record Store Day is a big event for Phonica Records. Special and limited editions are released on the day, and supported with live performances and sessions from DJs and musicians. Things continue on after the main yearly event, as any remaining exclusive pressings and re-releases dropped on the day continue to be available in-store and online. Aside from Record Store Day, in-store DJ sessions, and live streams also take place periodically.


Visiting a record store that's a bit more specialized is a refreshing change, and can get you started in a whole new field of music.

You can become familiar with a few names from Phonica's online bestseller list before heading on down to the store. While you're there, you can also take a look through familiar classics, and music from past decades, in a wide range of genres.

Vinyl is far from dead, and Phonica have their finger firmly on the pulse in terms of operating a specialized outlet that's not just about vinyl. It's about supporting the artists as well.

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