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Reckless Records

30 Berwick Street W1

The Reckless Records store has been situated on Berwick Street in the Soho area since the mid eighties. The eye-catching bright orange store stocks new releases, re-releases, and a vast selecton of second-hand vinyl and CDs across the whole music spectrum. There are also hard-to-find and special editions for those looking for something a little more unique or collectable.


As collectors and vinyl fans know, the best selection of second-hand vinyl, and the rarer releases are usually found in-store. The nature of the second-hand market means stock turns over constantly, and it's much easier to grab what you want at the time. It's not practical to reserve sought-after stock, and it's likely to be gone before it even reaches the website.

Aside from the rarer arrivals, the availability of some of the more common releases is wide-ranging, and a vast array of familiar names and titles are available in-store at any given time. Genres include rock and metal, indie, reggae, jazz, punk, collections of dance and electronica, and other newer releases that are current, or from the more recent decades.


If you can't get down to the Soho store, or want to keep an eye on what's available, you can keep updated about the latest activity and in-store arrivals by visiting the online blog. The Instagram account also features some of the titles and genres currently available, which provides a way for updates to be pushed out to you if you have an Instagram account.

The Reckless Records blog section also features Top Tens and playlists featuring independent artists and bands, with additional recommendations, links, and video.

Online purchasing for the sale of second-hand stock is currently on hold, but there's contact information, and a FAQ section if you need more information. The blog carries news about the current ordering processes.

Room For More

You can also sell any records or CDs for cash, or to free-up room for more records. You can call, or visit the Sell To Us section of the website for details about the process of selling your vinyl or CDs.

Vinyl City USA

If you are located in the USA, you can also enjoy the Reckless Records experience. Three stores have opened up in Chicago Illinois since 1989 with one on Belmont Avenue, one on Milwaukee Avenue, and a third on East Madison Street.

All the stores in the USA and UK are participants in Record Store Day, which occurs on a yearly basis. Around this time there are many new and special releases and re-releases, and the whole music based day serves as a reminder about the importance of independent record stores, and underlines the love of vinyl by musicians and music fans alike.

Independent Label

Reckless Records also run an independent record label. The catalogue includes releases from the UK based band The Brainiac 5, with releases dating back to the mid seventies. Some of the original lineup are associated with the shop, and are still active and playing.

Something for all...

You don't need to be a collector to visit Reckless Records. There are many familiar releases in the racks at prices that allow you to pick up a few records or CDs without breaking the bank. Time can fly in shops like this. It's easy to get lost amongst music from the past, and almost impossible to not come out with something.

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