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Simon Munnery


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Simon Munnery employs visual references, and takes on the guise of fully-formed characters in his work, which has a surreal and playful side. His comedy often involves lateral thinking, and the humour is mixed with word-play and themes conveyed with the aid of props, and screens with projected diagrams, drawings, text, and pictures, which often include elements that can be moved or physically animated, such as drawn characters that can be operated in the same way as puppets, with moving mouths or limbs.

Munnery narrows opinion and theme by using characters such as Alan Parker: Urban Warrior for a more political angle, and The League Against Tedium which involves music and comedy overseen by a dictatorial philosopher, who refers to the listener as 'scum' and preaches about politics. The formats were perfect for television and radio, and commissioned as shows; which led to wider exposure for Munnery's character driven works.

Munnery creates comedy that often spills over into fuller, and continued productions which are presented in a variety of written and visual media. All of his work has a surreal and sometimes thought provoking edge, and the crude or more colourful language often over-employed by comedians is refreshingly low-key.

Comedians often tell stories and relate daily life. Simon Munnery is different. He builds complete worlds and experiences, then invites you in.