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Named after the marathon track on Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat album (1968), the Sister Ray record store has been situated on Berwick Street in the Soho area since the late eighties.

A huge collection of well categorized music is available in-store on second-hand vinyl (downstairs), and CDs (on the ground floor). As with any second-hand market, buying online is not the same as digging through things in a store. If you can, visit the store for the latest second-hand arrivals and additions. The transient nature of stock, and the fast turnarounds can mean there's more selection in-store than online.


The online store leaves much of the second-hand stock behind, and becomes an outlet showcasing new artists and re-releases of classics on vinyl and CD. Older titles are re-released on new vinyl, and are available to buy through the online side of the store, as are pre-orders of up and coming releases. The choice of special editions and formats is wide-ranging and includes rare, unusual and unique ways to buy the music, such as box sets, releases with extra information or promotional material, and coloured vinyl.

The online store has a search function, and the exclusives section has options to filter your search. A blog features staff picks and vinyl news, and following the Instagram account keeps the information coming.


Some releases offered by Sister Ray carry a Dinked reference. This indicates several independent shops collaborated (including Sister Ray) to release an artist's work primarily on vinyl. These releases are exclusive in that they're usually limited editions, and sold by the participating independent outlets throughout the UK. These releases are also available to order online.


Sister Ray's on-site references to RSD is all about Record Store Day, something Sister Ray has been actively involved with since the first event in 2008. This is a yearly occurrence with a focus on music released on vinyl, with limited releases and special editions, along with live performances and support from some of the great names in music.

These events are held worldwide, and serve to create awareness about the importance of independent music stores, and confirms that vinyl is very much alive as a format. Attendance is usually high as music lovers from every corner of the world queue around the block for very special vinyl offerings, and to enjoy the live events over the course of a music orientated day.


Sister Ray created a playlist for a previous Record Store Day on Spotify. If you're new to buying from independent stores, this playlist will give you a good idea of what's typically available, and how diverse the genres and artists actually are.

Sister Ray Record Store Day Playlist

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Teenage Fanclub Endless Arcade
Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders/The London Symphony Orchestra
Kreidler Spells And Daubs
Black Midi Cavalcade
caroline caroline
Wet Leg Wet Leg
Bicep Isles
Beach House Once Twice Melody
Velvet Underground
Battles Juice B Crypts
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