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Soho Radio

Broadwick Street W1

Tired of verbose DJs and inane playlists?

Ever want to go back to when radio was about the music?

If you were around during the sixties, seventies and eighties, you might remember when pirate radio stations were popping-up all over London, and Radio Caroline was still afloat. The DJs took a back seat and played the music they wanted to play because they loved it, and wanted to share.

Although far from being a pirate radio station, Soho Radio returns this kind of freedom to the presenters, who play and say exactly what they want. Some famous names, and a wealth of knowledgeable musicians and creative people present shows driven by their own passions and interests. Real music radio is back.

Soho Radio is internet based and broadcasts from high street locations in Soho London. The original location was a smaller shop and studio based in Great Windmill Street, and a second location in Broadwick Street opened later in 2019. There is now another studio in the Rockefeller Centre in midtown Manhattan, New York. The New York station carries the same branding, and is referred to as NYC + Culture.

One feature that sets Soho Radio apart from other stations, is the close relationship with the artists themselves.

The original shop and studio were small, but included a unique piece of equipment. A rare direct-to-acetate lathe that allowed a live performance to be cut directly to disc (or dubplate). This gave rise to The Vinyl Sessions which provides all concerned with a unique way of recording music, albeit a one-disc copy.

The original studio was often jam-packed with musicians recording live. These sessions still continue, and are currently in association with The Vinyl Factory and recorded at the more spacious 180 Studio. No room for retakes, and no over-dubs. Just a one-take performance straight to record.

Many with a particular relationship to music are now turning their hand to radio show presenting at Soho Radio. The result is a fascinating assortment of music, opinion, and attitude to life that your average commercial station could never offer.

Soho Radio is alive and growing because the people involved really understand what music is all about, and it's a rare oasis of inspiration in a commercially driven music world.

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