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Unbound Books

Crowd-funded publishing platform

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Co-founded by writer and book publisher John Mitchinson, and author Dan Kieran, Unbound Books is a crowdfunding platform specifically for books, and places publishing firmly in the hands of the reader. Acting as project initiator, Unbound selects authors from a submission process, which provides a filter for the kind of works and projects that are offered. A vast amount of experience and expertise is brought to the evaluation process, and the subsequent handling of each accepted project.

The costs of publishing are calculated, and ways to raise the funding are placed online, with a funding target measured as a percentage. Projects are then offered until the target amount has been reached, after which the book goes through the final processes, and is published. Financial contribution may take the form of a pledge, or ordering advance copies or merchandise, along with extras (rewards) such as signed items, or contact directly with the author through launch events, or via internet chat platforms.

Unbound Books provide a way for you to take part in the development process and support authors directly. An account is required to join, and there is a sense of community surrounding the way things are run.

For authors, this kind of publishing gives full control in terms of the writing and final editing, and puts them in closer contact with their readers. The online format provides a more hands-on approach for authors when controlling promotion and distribution. Unbound's Youtube Channel for example, features story outlines from the authors themselves.

Placing a certain amount of control with a community, rather than relying on the narrower opinion of a few in publishing houses, seems to be of more benefit to the whole process of connecting writers to readers.

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