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Book Selection Resource
Which Book from Opening the Book Ltd.

Book Selection Resource

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Whichbook.net offers a great way to find books and authors based on personal preferences. You don't need to worry about particular authors or genres - instead you can search for the mood and tone of the writing, find a particular category or plot, or travel by selecting country specific titles and topics. Best sellers are also included, and each book offers a list of similar authors and titles.

It doesn't stop there. Which Book began in 2002 as a non-profit resource created and managed by Rachel Van Riel. The resource is associated with Opening the Book Ltd. which deals with aspects of physical reading spaces, including libraries and the management of book storage. This aspect introduces a connection to libraries across the UK (and abroad in some cases), and can link you to your local library to find out if the book you're interested in is available to borrow.

You can also buy books via links to Amazon (you'll need an Amazon account). Which Book is non-profit and free to use, but you can offer support using the donate button, which leads to a PayPal donation page with various options.

Although not strictly a direct-2-fan site, this resource offers a fantastic way to reach authors and publishing houses, and particularly good if you're unsure of what to search for.